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     Altermatt Associates, Inc. was founded in 1994 on the principle of providing state-of-the-art, acoustics consulting services through
the application of extensive experience, rigorous maintenance of up-to-date technical knowledge and procedures, and careful
consideration of client needs, as well as desires.

       The architectural acoustics consulting experience of Altermatt Associates, Inc. extends from 1977 through a broad range of projects
 both locally and across the nation.  It covers all performance and presentation uses.

Russ Altermatt, P.E., Principal Engineer, originally became interested in acoustics consulting through his interest in music and audio electronics.
He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics (Oregon State University), and completed graduate study in Noise Control
Engineering (Syracuse University).  His experience (over 30 years of acoustics consulting) includes 5 years as Senior Consultant in Acoustics for
Peter George Associates in New York City where he participated in the design of over 60 performing arts spaces, auditoria, and presentation rooms.
He is a registered Professional Engineer in Acoustical Engineering and in Electrical Engineering.  He is a Member of the Acoustical Society of America,
the Audio Engineering Society, the Institute of Noise Control Engineers, and the U.S. Institute for Theatre Technology; as well as an Allied Member of the
American Institute of Architects.  He was a participant in the Concert Hall Acoustics Summer Institutes of 1999 and 2010 sponsored by the
Acoustical Society of America.

As a member of the Adjunct Faculty, Russ taught Architectural Acoustics at the Oregon School of Design.  He has served on the Noise Review Board for
the City of Portland, and was part of an advisory team that established Professional Registration in the field of Acoustical Engineering in the state of Oregon.

Russ also enjoys music (audio electronics, music listening, and participation with community music groups), golf, tennis, bicycling, and family activities.